MTA Approved Service and Repair Workshop

AutoKing are proud to be associated with the Motor Trade Association (MTA) – this provides our customers with the assurance that our workshop and technicians are complied with the MTA rules and regulations.

WOF - A Warrant of Fitness inspection is a general safety check is required by law and as per LTNZ safety standards. It is carried out at regular intervals on your vehicle to ensure that it meets the required safety standards at the time of inspection.

Vehicle Servicing

While a WOF tells you your vehicle is safe and legal to drive Vehicle Servicing and regular maintenance extends the life of your motor, assists in better fuel economy and provides you with report of any repairs likely to be required in the future.

At Autoking we offer two types of vehicle servicing. Our Full Service comes with a FREE WOF check and is recommended every 10,000 ks or every 6 months.

For the low kilometre traveller we offer a Lube Service – this service covers oil and filter change and several of the checks offered in a Full Service. See in store for a full list.

Automatic Transmission Flush/Service

Automatic Transmissions are like vehicle engines, they need maintenance or they will fail. It is recommended that the Tranmission oil is changed/flushed every 40,000kms or every 2 years. Get your automatic transmission oil checked at your next service.

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Brakes & Brake repairs

Your life and that of your passengers and other road users depends on you vehicle brakes. Brakes that squeal, pull to one side or make your steering wheel shake need urgent attention. If you think your brakes need attention just call the AutoKing team and arrange a free visual inspection and test on our Brake Machine for peace of mind.

Diagnostic Scanning

AutoKing can provide accurate diagnostic scanning for engine light faults codes and carry out the necessary repairs.

Cambelts & Timing Belts

Cambelts/timing belts should be changed every 100,000ks or every 5 years. Most engines require a water pump change at the same time. Get your belts checked at your next service.

Clutch and Gear box repairs

AutoKing technicians are able to check, test and diagnose clutch or gear box issues and carry out repairs and or replacements as necessary.

Radiator repairs and maintenance

An Autoking Full service includes pressure testing your radiator, checks of hose condition and visual checks for cracks and leaks. A radiator operating correctly cools the liquid that cools your engine. A radiator flush cleans out sludge and debris that accumulate over time that can cause blockages and overheating.

Battery Checks

Are you having starting issues? It could be your battery and come to the end of its life – just call in and have your battery and alternator tested.

Suspension, Steering and Shocks

Your vehicle suspension, steering and shocks are all vital for smooth travelling and accurate steering and stopping. Our Full Service will carry out testing and advise on the condition of these. Wheel Alignments as needed can also be done while your vehicle is being serviced.


Air conditioner re-gassing and filter checks are all part of our Full Service check – get yours done today and keep cool in summer and warm in winter.